Created: 10/11/2016 11:07:35.
Last updated: 10/11/2016 11:25:14

Korks’ 35e Anniversaire est Arrivé!

Korks is 35 years old this month and we are celebrating and going back to our roots, by holding our 35th Beaujolais Nouveau evening. 

Back in the day, we would join dozens of other winebars and restaurants and run races over to France, to see who could get back the quickest, with the first bottles of that year’s vintage.  A ‘Wacky Races’ style affair, with people flying, driving, sailing, taking the train and even parachuting in and out of France in an orgy of fast cars and flash Harrys!

The years of the “Hooray Henry”, the “Yuppie” and the “Sloan Ranger” are gone, but the fascination with celebrating the year’s first import of the classic French Beaujolais endures.  Here at Korks, we like to do it properly, with some of the best wine you can land on these shores and a very special evening; a far more leisurely affair, these days.

On Thursday 17th Nov, we will be offering a 3-course, French dining experience, with a set menu of French cuisine and a bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau between 2, for a mere £29.95 per person.  The evening will also feature a beautiful French ‘Chanteuse’ and piano, as a background to celebration and to add that certain “Je ne sais quoi”.

Our ‘BN’ events continue to be popular and tickets are selling fast, so don’t delay in securing your table, at your earliest convenience.  Give us a call, or click HERE, to reserve your table, maintenant!