Our Private Hire Menu

American-Style Buffet

£8.95 pp

Popular finger food buffet with a slight twist and a great alternative to the more traditional buffet.

Low and slow BBQ baby rack ribs

Texas hot link sausages

Lemon, lime and black pepper chicken pieces

Cajun spiced chicken wings

Deep pan pizza slices (v)

Garlic bread (v)

Potato wedges, garlic sour cream dip (v)

Zucchini fritters (v)

Desserts (add £3.00 pp)

Chocolate fudge cake

Strawberry and white chocolate brûlée cheesecake

Red velvet cake

Chocolate brownie "scrapheap"

Yorkshire Tapas

Inspired by the tastes of Yorkshire, these dishes offer a more substantial alternative to canapés, creating fun in an informal atmosphere.
(choice of 5 tapas dishes)

Scarborough fish cakes, sweet chilli dip
Breaded plaice with chips
Outdoor-reared pork ‘mini-rolls’, apple chutney
Yorkshire cheese rarebit (v)
Mini Yorkies with ‘Penny’s’ beef
Nidderdale lamb kofta, mint yoghurt dip
Lamb and apple burger
Posh puppy, onion relish
Lishmans black pudding fritter, apple sauce
Flat mushroom with blue cheese glaze (v)
Bleikers smoked salmon
Weegmans hot pork pie
Stuffed mini potato skins (v)

The Carved English Buffet

£12.95 pp

The traditional party option - full of classic favourites, easy to eat and suitable for both formal and not-so-formal events.

Honey glazed ham

Cold rare roast John Penny beef

Poached Scottish salmon, shellfish mayonnaise

Garlic bread slices (v)

Herb-roasted chicken pieces

Cauliflower roast new potatoes (v)

Garlic roast new potatoes (v)

Lishmans prize-winning sausage, mustard mayo


Fennel and pear salad, raspberry dressing

Tomato and red onion, balsamic coleslaw

Little Gem Caesar

Green bean, roast pepper, shallot dressing


Desserts (add £3.00 pp)

Old English sherry trifle

Strawberry Pavlova, passion fruit cream

Yorkshire cheese selection

Chocolate tart, clotted cream

The Late Night Supper

£5.50 pp

A light supper with an informal selection of dishes and the perfect way to refuel when dinner has been served earlier in the evening.

Mini fish and chip tray

Lishmans sausage butty with HP sauce

Roast pork and apple baguette

Cheese and tomato toastie (v)

Bacon muffin and Heinz ketchup

Lamb kofta burger, mint riata

Posh dog, onion relish

Weegmans hot pie and peas

Red onion and Wensleydale croissant (v)

Lemon and herb fish cakes

Chicken, bacon and watercress roll

Rarebit and bacon baked skins

Pulled pork and brie toastie

Prime beef and chipotle burger

Mediterranean Buffet

£16.95 pp

Flavours of the Mediterranean – fresh, lively and exciting…

Seafood platter of salmon, prawns and smoked salmon

Oysters with shallot vinegar

Mussels, shell-on prawns, giant crevettes

Cured meat platter with Parma ham, salamis and garlic sausage

Rare roast beef, creamed horseradish

Honey roast ham

Salt & pepper roast chicken

Chicken, seafood and chorizo paella

Melon wedges, mint syrup (v)

Chargrilled vegetables, balsamic and parmesan (v)

Palestinian giant couscous (v)

Vine tomato, sunblush tomato, olive salad (v)

Garlic bread (v)

Rosemary and garlic roasted new potatoes (v)

Desserts (add £3.00 pp)

Exotic fruit salad

Mango and passion fruit cheesecake

Chocolate fudge cake